Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thankful for my Talents Activity

I loved this simple activity for the girls this month.  We talked to the girls about hidden talents and what it means to find them and develop them.  Also that each of us have a responsibility to use and share our talents with others.  We love setting up a focal point for our activities so that when the girls arrive they can see a glimpse of what we will be doing through out the activity that day.  Most of the time it is as simple as pulling a few items from our kitchen and home décor on hand.
First off we sat together in a circle and had the girls explain the difference between obvious talents and so called hidden talents, or less obvious ones.  I then read a story about the parable of the talents.  The parable is located in the Bible in Matthew 25: 14-30.  Rather than reading from the Bible, I opted to read a teachable children’s story that you can find by clicking  HERE.  It explains the parable and what Jesus is trying to teach.  I felt that the girls where able to follow along easier and it was age appropriate for the 9 year olds.  While we read the story the girls held little  golden wrapped chocolate coins that I found at our local grocery store, with a small quote attached to each of them.  When we were done with the story, each of the girls read the quote that was on their “talent coin”.
  Check out some of the quotes we used by clicking HERE to see and follow our Sunshine and Melody Pinterest Board.
After we talked about that, Risa passed out some ADORABLE printables for the girls to take home.  She created them using cute clipart images from Digital Vintage Dreams on Etsy.  The girls just loved them!  The first handout is an acronym of the word THANKFUL that explains how to help the girls develop and look for their talents.  We talked about what was on the printables and also how to help ourselves and others find their unique talents.  We shared some personal stories on how we found and developed some of our talents.  Also how important it is for us to help point out others talents in a positive way.  It is so important for girls to learn to be happy for others talents and attributes.  We ended with two of the oldest girls, who are leaving the group next month, showing a few of their hidden talents to the other girls.  Fun and successful!
Here are the darling printables you can use for personal use.  The first two are formatted as 4x6.  If you are printing at home from your computer, we suggest printing 4 per page.  Third printable is formatted as a square 4x4.  We suggest printing 9 per page.    Just right click or double click on the printables below and copy and paste to you personal computer to print.  Or upload to your local store for prints.  I believe Walgreens will print square photos.  It’s that simple! 
 Talents 3 Sunshine and Melody
The second one is a darling quote about talents:
Talents 5 Sunshine and Melody
and the third one looks like this:
Talents 1 Sunshine and melody
Thank you for checking in with us!  It has been such as joy so far to teach these sweet girls the principles of the Gospel through fun and rewarding activities.  Their hearts are so pure and open to gaining knowledge and feeling the spirit!  We sure love them.  Drop us as line and let us know how your activities are going.  We’d love to here from you! 


  1. love you two! The girls are so blessed to have you as leaders. Thank you for all you do!

  2. So beautiful! I can't to show these to the girls! Thank you for all your hard work and willingness to share:)