Tuesday, March 29, 2016


There's been quite a bit of interest in our first Soda-lightful Conference Printable, so I decided to create another version of it.  I love both of them.  Now you have 2 options to choose from and use! 
Go on and grab a few small soda's and attach one of these cute printables to it and share the message and love.  I can't wait for this weekend.  General Conference is such a special time to listen to our modern day prophets and leaders.  
I'm still working on getting a better system in place to download these printables, but for now, remember just to right click on it and save to your phone or computer to print from there. 

Have a delightful day!

Friday, March 18, 2016


Spring LDS Conference is coming up in a few weeks!  Here's a little printable that can go along with a sweet roll of lifesavers.  Hand them out to really just about anyone.  We can all use the reminder.

There's one with a background pattern ans one without!  Remember to right click and copy straight to your desktop to print.  Very easy!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Here is a soft and simple printable for the amazing song " The Spirit of God".  This is a hymn which is traditionally sung at some LDS meetings and firesides or conferences.  It has come to be recognized as a hymn we sing at Temple Dedications.

This would be great to print out and read with your kids before the Provo City Center Temple Dedication this weekend, Sunday, March 20th 2016.

This printable has also been added to the popular Temple Dedication Activity Days Lesson featured in the right hand column of this blog.  Click there to see the full post.

Thanks again for stopping by.  I'm just getting started here on Sunshine and Melody!  So continue to drop in and check out what's new.  Exciting plans on the horizon!

Have a happy day!
Love,  Candy

Sunday, March 13, 2016


Stuffed with Cream Cheese & Chicken 

I found this fun Easter carrot recipe a few years back in 2011.  
My friend Risa and I decided to make them for our families for dinner before Easter.  They turned out great and our families loved them.  
They are made with tube Crescent Roll dough that is simply wrapped around a metal form.  

They can be stuffed with Chicken & Cream Cheese like the recipe here at:  Dangerously Delicious or stuff them with your favorite Chicken Salad Recipe!  Maybe even shredded BBQ chicken.  
Or a taco seasoned ground beef and cheese mixture would be yummy.  Get creative!  There's plenty of time the next few weeks to plan this fun and enjoyable meal for your family.  

Risa did a great job blogging about the process of how we went about making them, on her blog restlessrisa.com.  She also has information on how to make delicious Resurrection rolls.

 (She also has much more pretty photos than I did back then!)  See what I mean!! Go check it out.   

Here is a link to that post on her website:  


Forgive and then forgive S'more.

My sweet friend, Shelby, is the Young Women's President in her ward.  Yesterday she was preparing her lessons for today which was on Forgiveness.  We made these quick and cute printable tags for her to add to some very yummy S'mores Cookies.  She tied the tags to the cookie baggy with a cute gingham ribbon and called it good!  

What a simple and darling idea that really seems to get the message across to the girls.  She used the color red because it goes with the value theme this month, which is Individual Worth.

She used a simple recipe that she found from The Girl Who Ate Everything.  You can find her recipe here:

Also here is the free printable images for you to copy and print.  There is one with multiple tags that will be apx. 1.5 x 2.5 inch tags.  Or a single tag you can manipulate the size on after you copy it. Simply right click, copy and then load into your computer viewer of choice to print.  Then use a hole punch at the top to make a hole for the ribbon where the circle is.

Right click image below to copy.

Have a happy day!
love, Candy

Sunday, March 6, 2016


When girls advance into a new Activity Day's group, or any group for that matter, I believe it always presents a good time to re-enforce how much a girl is loved.  It's an opportunity to add a little extra voice as a leader to say you are loved, we know who you are, and we are excited to have you join us!

I was at the local gas station and came across a darling mini Gum Ball Machine for $1 in the Candy isle.  I thought it would be a perfect little token to get for the girls when they come in to our group.  Something that is inexpensive and easy to grab and put a cute printable with.  

We would deliver them to their house.  Even if it meant dropping it off on the doorstep with a quick text to the Mom to let her know it is there for her child to look for.  The girls loved them!

I don't have any pictures of my actual handout, but here is the darling printable I created.  If you would like to use it for yourself, just right click on it and copy.  Then paste in a word document or on your desktop or smart phone and print.  Easy Peasy!

3-9-2017 *UPDATE to original post... because this has been such a popular post AND I unfortunately spelled a word wrong on the original printable, I have re-designed it in 3 different ways.  I have also taken off the words Activity Days, so these printables can be utilized for other groups and classes as well.  Think- welcome to drama club- a sports team, dance class, or even preschool!

I have also added a few stock photos of what the candy filled bubblegum machines look like.  I have also seen them at various dollar stores.  If you choose not to buy a gumball machine or can't find them, you can always purchase some fun colored gumballs and package them in a cello baggie tied with bakers twine, ribbon or yarn- or put them in a clear tube.  SO cute! 

Thanks for stopping by...Here's hoping you have a BALL today! ;0)




I love this Quote by President Henry B. Eyring.  I enjoyed creating this beautiful printable for my Sunday thoughts.  If you would like a copy of it to print, without the watermark  
Please email me and I'll be happy to send one over to you.
Enjoy your day!