Sunday, March 13, 2016


Stuffed with Cream Cheese & Chicken 

I found this fun Easter carrot recipe a few years back in 2011.  
My friend Risa and I decided to make them for our families for dinner before Easter.  They turned out great and our families loved them.  
They are made with tube Crescent Roll dough that is simply wrapped around a metal form.  

They can be stuffed with Chicken & Cream Cheese like the recipe here at:  Dangerously Delicious or stuff them with your favorite Chicken Salad Recipe!  Maybe even shredded BBQ chicken.  
Or a taco seasoned ground beef and cheese mixture would be yummy.  Get creative!  There's plenty of time the next few weeks to plan this fun and enjoyable meal for your family.  

Risa did a great job blogging about the process of how we went about making them, on her blog  She also has information on how to make delicious Resurrection rolls.

 (She also has much more pretty photos than I did back then!)  See what I mean!! Go check it out.   

Here is a link to that post on her website:  

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