Friday, April 22, 2016



Free word of wisdom handout printable 
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Hey guys!  Isn't that printable so cute? I'll start by saying this lesson was one of my favorites!  The girls had a ball!  Can I add another sentence with an exclamation at the end?  Let me answer that...Of course I can!  

Alrighty now- moving on, here's what I came up with: 

As I thought about what it means to obey the Word of Wisdom in different ways, I thought it would be fun to focus on things the girls can be proactive with now and learn to incorporate as beneficial habits in their lives.  Two of those things were: 

A. Choosing Healthy Foods  
B. Staying Physically Active

When the girls arrived, I had them sit down with a paper and markers.  I asked them to: 

A. Draw some of their favorite healthy foods.
B.  Write what they know about the Word of Wisdom.

After all the girls arrived, we sat down at the table and went over the foods they had drawn and why they were healthy choices.  Then we had a few girls share the words they had written about the Word of Wisdom.  They really did a great job writing things down and taking it to heart.

* I have since added the link below for a great article from the LDS Magazine the Liahona, which would be a good thing to to read with the girls if you would like.

The Lord has given us a law of heath

After we talked for a few minutes, I told them about the two fun things we were going to do during the activity that relates to the Word of Wisdom and staying healthy.
First up was:


be a smoothie and shake it up

This is where we gathered around the kitchen island and made a delicious healthy smoothie together.  We discussed why the ingredients were healthy and that eating is a necessity to keep our bodies alive, but that we can also enjoy great tasting food as well.  We talked about portion sizes and other stuff relating to healthy eating habits.  The girls helped to measure and pour the ingredients for the smoothie.  We made a Strawberry Banana Smoothie with milk, strawberry yogurt, strawberries, bananas, honey and apple juice.  Boy was it was YUMMY! 

I had cheap dollar store plastic straws on hand and found a stash of fun napkins to go along with them.  I am a huge believer in having something simple set up.  Something as simple as having the cups and the ingredients being displayed on the island rather than in a clump makes the girls more excited and brings an extra measure of joy!

While we were enjoying our tasty treat, we talked about the next part of our activity which was:


This is the part where we talked about keeping our bodies physically fit and staying active.  We went into my family room and I turned on some music.  The girls split in to groups of 3 and I told them to each make up a small dance with a few fun moves.  The girls were all over it.  They took about 5 minutes making up and practicing a very simple 15 to 20 second dance.  Then we had each group show us what they made up.  I had some fun up beat music with good lyrics to play.  
After we did that.  We had a few minutes to jam out all together with our own moves in wild 9 year old Mormon fashion!

So needless to say... try this activity out.  
I'm sure it will be a hit with your group too!

- Love Candy    


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