Thursday, April 7, 2016



I had such a fun time with the girls during this activity.  They LOVED it!  The best part about this activity is it is simple with a darling message about one of the most basic principles of the gospel.

I started the activity when the girls arrived by having a darling little pretzel maze for them to do.

Which you can download HERE.  Or there is another pretzel maze version  HERE.  Then I had them take a piece of paper and write what prayer means to them, or what attributes a prayer is made of. 

We then talked about what they had written.  When we were finished with our discussion, I read them the legend of the pretzel and told them we were going to dip pretzels in chocolate with sprinkles on top.  They were thrilled!  They loved it.  Each of them were able to dip about 15 pretzels in a good amount of time.  I had white and milk chocolate melted in pots.  I made sure to spray the plates with non stick cooking spray so the pretzels wouldn't stick.  They cooed very quickly too.  I had clear plastic cups for the girls to take their pretzels home in.

One of the things we did was fill a few extra cups full of pretzels to take to some people in the ward.  I always like to show an opportunity for service whenever possible.  No matter how small it may seem.  Thinking of others is never a wasted trait to teach.
We put a little baggie over the cups and tied them with some bakers twine.  We attached a copy.of the legend of the prayer and the girls signed the back of it for the person receiving it.

Another option if you have some older girls or want to do this lesson for Family Night or are a good baker is to make your own soft dough pretzels!  The soft pretzels can be sprinkled with butter and salt, cinnamon sugar or Parmesan cheese.  You can even go as far as to make a sweet powered sugar glaze to dip them in, or cheese sauce.  Soo yummy, right?!
Below is a darling printable tag which you can have the girls write a message on the back with their names to send to someone!

Note:  I adapted this lesson idea from 


  1. This is exactly what I needed. Thank you!

    1. Oh I'm so glad. I've just started to get my lessons together and add them onto this website. Check back every so often for new stuff! ❤

  2. I will definitely be doing this activity with my girls. I'm so grateful other people are creative, and share their talents with us. Thank you so much.

  3. Thank you so much! This is such a cute idea and I really appreciate you sharing it!

  4. Thank you so much! This is such a cute idea and I really appreciate you sharing it!

  5. Thanks for the awesome lesson idea! I'm going to use it tonight for A days and incorporate #lighttheworld and use the pretzels to 'feed the hungry'. Thanks again

  6. I love this! I will definitely be doing this activity. Thanks!

  7. I love this idea and am planning to use it for our activity on Thursday. However, is there any way to get the downloads without signing up for scribd? I don't really want to sign up for the free trial because I am afraid I will forget to cancel. :(

  8. Hi candy. Would you mind emailing me the document? I love your printable but cant download scribd for a monthly fee. My email is if that is possible.