Thursday, June 9, 2016



The first Activity I planned once I was called as an activity days leader was in the month of November.  I jumped on pinterest to see what I could quickly come up with to hold an activity before Thanksgiving.  We've all seen the darling posts about how to create a gratitude journal.  I had some 5X7 white lined pads of paper laying around.  The kind you can by at the local market or dollar store for sometimes 50 cents a piece.  I also had some scrapbook paper laying around that I was not using.  I grabbed those along with scissors and glue sticks to make the journals.

I also typed up a quick printable quote to put on the front of the journals.  This is what it looked like:
Please grab one this free printable for your lesson.  To download the printable version click HERE.

We also made pilgram hats for a fun treat.  They were SO SIMPLE to make.  We used a fudge stripe cookie for the rim of the hat. stripe side down.  Then we used a mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cup for the top of the hat.  We had some frosting in small baggies were we poked a little hole in the corner so the girls could decorate the hat and seal the two pieces together.  YUMMY!

We cut some branches outside and had them ready for the girls with some dirt in a clear plastic cup.  We had some leaf shaped cutouts in different colors for the girls to tie ribbon or yarn around hang on a "THANKFUL TREE" which they took home for their family to write things they were thankful for on.  It was a good way to add an opportunity for them to even help with an FHE lesson if they chose to do it that way.  This turned out to be a great activity.  The girls loved it.  My daughter still has her little journal in a drawer by her bedside.  


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