Tuesday, November 15, 2016



When serving with a smile, it can brighten the darkest of days.

We share we give we focus on all the special ways-

When giving of our talents, our time and temporal means,

It brings light and hope to others, while making all hearts beam.

The love we give to others along our path of life

Opens heavens windows to the blessing of God’s light.

-Candy M. Allen

My mamma was ALL about service!  Not just service- but service WITH A SMILE!  She knew how to give of herself in the best of ways.  Everyone has different talents.  The best thing she did, was learn how to use her talents for good.  Service is something that we can do proactively using our talents to bring happiness and light to others, as well as providing service to those who need specific help due to things such as illness, disaster, and poverty.

I have learned that the key to incorporating service in our daily lives, is to have a prayerful heart.  To think as the Savior would think, and learn how to focus on spreading our light.  No matter the age we are, charity is an eternal principle we all can follow and learn to become.  Even the youngest of children can be taught to have a caring and serving heart.  Sometimes the smallest of deeds that seem to be “no big deal” to us to provide- can have the biggest impact on someone in need of love & light.

Here is an advent of simple yet heartwarming opportunities to serve others this holiday season.  Remember it is not always having to do large projects that take days and weeks to prepare or collect items for.  Many times, we can and should be involved in those efforts when collaborating with others.  However, I am wanting to share ideas for each of us to take time daily to focus outside of ourselves, and turn our hearts to prayer- while considering other people’s happiness! 

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