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A little over 10 years ago, I had a neighbor show up with a darling wooden star wand painted a beautiful Christmas Red.  Attached was a poem explaining the magic this little wand held.  To this day it remains one of the best neighbor gifts our family received.  We used and used our Service Star for years.  Even outside of the holidays, our kids and us as parents alike would pass the star around when we found it laying somewhere and brought a little extra light to our life.  Our wand broke a few years ago & I never did get around to replacing it.  So this is why I wanted to start our 25 days of service count down with the Service Star!

If you'd like to make one too, here is what we did this year.  We got small dowls from our local craft store.  They were about 12 inches in length.  I wanted to keep it simple and purchased thin wooden stars that were only .50 cents a piece.  We painted them with craft paint and sprinkled some glitter on the paint while it was still wet so it would stick.  It only took us 20 minutes to do.  Very easy project.  We then wrapped a ribbon around the top for added cuteness and printed out the poem tag, punched a whole in the top and slid it up the dowl.  It stayed secure on its own. 

 here is a picture of the one our family was given.  It is a red wooden star attached to a wooden dowl.  The red paint has gold sparkles in it too!  Or you could even make one out of material and stuff it. Then put a wooden dowl through it.  Or hey- even a fun felt star would work!  The posibilities are endless.  It's really about the idea of the star.  What it represents right?!  

service star wand
HERE is a little more about the Service Wand I wrote on my family blog back in 2008.  I also talk about how I used the concept of tue service star for a Sharing Time idea in Primary.

The fun thing about this Star Wand, is that is has been going around in our family for a few years now. When we moved, I had it put away, and sure enough once I unpacked it, somehow it started up again just by laying there in my room. We all do kind deeds for one another, but this has been a simple reminder for us, when we aren't necessarily thinking about it. When a parent hears from their child "Mom, aren't you going to do something nice? You've had the star for a few days." Sometimes it will be forgotten by a family member, and they will not pass it on, so it sits, or gets put in the toy box, and Mom or Dad sometimes get busy and put it on the shelf, or by the magazine rack. But it is only a matter of a few days or weeks once in a while, even a month will go by...and then, sure enough, it is "found" again by someone. And once again a kind act is gentle done, and the surprise of the Secret Deeds Star is alive.

PS. I Actually took this idea and used it for a Sharing Time. I punched out little red paper stars and attach them to a brown paper wand. I thought of it last minute, so next time I would have attached them to popcicle sticks. Anyway, each of the kids got one to take home and do a kind deed for a family member.

 I have included a printable version of the poem for you below.  I will attach these to the star wands with a ribbon or twine before giving them out to a few families think will enjoy these!  So if you would like these tags to print just click below.  There are 2 different stlyes.

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