Friday, December 9, 2016


 Another one of our 25 day in 25 ways service ideas is to purchase some warm and fuzzy socks to give to the elderly. We chose to give them to some residents in the care center in our town.  It is such an easy and simply service that anyone can provide.  How great would it be for an FHE sometime through the winter months to do this with even the smallest of kids.  Read instructions below.  You can also print out our darling Warmest Wishes Tag to attach to them.

There are lots of fun ways to give socks to others.  Have you seen the cute Cupcakes that you can make with socks?  check out our Pinterest Board for ideas we have pinned from other creative sources, but first- here are the easy instructions on how to make a sock tree! 

1.  Take tags off of socks and lay out one on top of another.  
2.  Stagger the top sock just about a 1/4 inch over from the other.  This helps to create a longer tree when you roll them.
3.  Start with the ankle side and slowly roll tightly.  You will want it to roll outward to create a long line.  Not rolling like a cinnamon roll.
4.  Once they are rolled, just take the toe side of the socks which should appear at the "bottom" of the tree and tightly tuck the toes into the rolled socks themselves.  
5.  We used a small toothpick to attach a red ribbon which we tied in a bow.  We then stuck the toothpick into the top of the socks to top the Christmas Tree Socks! So easy.
6.  To package, we used a cellophane baggie.  Added some dollar store white shreds and folded and stapled the top.  I don't have it pictured here, But the tag was attached to the side of the bag.   

Here is the cute tag you can print.


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