Thursday, November 9, 2017


Hosting a Holiday Cookie Exchange can be lots of fun.  It can also be very simple and easy to do!  For Activity Days two years in a row, we decided to host a cookie exchange for our combined activity with all the ages groups.  The first year was very simple and worked like a charm.  The second year, we made it too complicated and it ended up being a lot more work for the leaders than was necessary.  So keep reading to find out why the one year worked and the other didn't.  You'll get some great tips that will save you time, energy & money!

The first year we:

1.  sent out an invitation
2. chose as leaders to have each of the girls, along with us, bring a dozen cookies to exchange.  These cookies can be home made or store bought.  Whatever is easiest for the girls and their family.  
3.  We kept the activity to an hour time frame after school at the church.
4.  We set up tables and chairs, provided heavy paper plates for the girls to gather their new cookies on (since the trays they brought were already holding the cookies they brought).
5.  We also made hot cocoa and brought cups and napkins for the girls to enjoy a drink with their cookies if they wanted to eat one or two while they chit chatted with one another.
6.  Lastly, we provided a simple paper ornament they were able to glue together to take home to hang on their bedroom door knob, their family Christmas tree, or where ever.  It was a simple Christ Centered Message to send them out the door with from their leaders, until the new year.

Clean up was quick and the girls were all smiles.

The second year:

1.  We repeated all the steps from the first year and also added more.  We chose to have an activity in another room.  A game, and also an extra craft.  We had a lot of girls.  So we figured we needed to do more to shuffle them through the cookie exchange in an orderly fashion, when all it did- was create more work for the leaders, more chaos for the girls, and less time to focus on the simplicity of the cookies, cocoa and chit chat.  Which is really what this gathering was supposed to be.  It made for a lot more to clean up as well.  We learned our lesson.  The lesson we should already have known... Keep it Simple.  Most always, less is more!

HOWEVER- I did like ONE extra thing we did.  We talked about the Scandinavian tradition of St. Lucia.  She is the giver of light that represents the light of the Savior.     

I have provided the Cookie Exchange Invitations we used, along with the Christmas Ornament Tag we used for both years.  I did get permission to use the artwork for the image of Christ.

Here is an updates version of the St. Lucia handout we used.  
You can right click and copy the handout right from here.  I do not have a pdf of it at this time.

If you print this Christ picture with the gold frame you can punch a whole through the top and add twine or ribbom to make it a paper ornament to give to the girls to have as a take away.  They can even use it as a book mark if they chose.

Monday, July 31, 2017


THIS is a great lesson!  One that not only little people need to learn, but a lesson that is is good to be repeated to all of us young and old every now and then.  We all have occasion to fall into the trap of being a dipper.  At least I do, and I'm pretty sure, I have to cover my bucket every now and then so others don't dip too much from me either!  Let's face it- When we take responsibility for our actions and our attitude at home with family, or out with friends or at school and work, we make the world a much happier place for everyone.  Our days go smoother, our world stay brighter!

SO- this concept is nothing new.  I read this lesson years ago, and happened upon it again a few months ago.  I created a few printables of my own and made it easy to download and use for any of you who would like to teach this to others.  Believe it or not- I shared it with my family for FHE, Family Home Evening last month, and my son, who is 16 had his friends over for a devotional last night at our home.  He was in charge of giving the thought and "lesson".  He chose to read this story and even gave the guys the handouts. (And he's a picky dude-doesn't let mom in on teenage social life very often...sound familiar?!)  Voila!  My sneaking suspicion would be that they took it to heart and hopefully keep this simple ideal in mind.  Something must have gone right because they asked to have their picture taken together outside as a group.  Which never happens with teenage boys, right?!

Here are a few printables to help you share this lesson with your audience.  Family, Students, Activity Days, Scouts, YM, YW, Relief Society or workers- you name it!

Enjoy and remember...Don't be a Dip!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Sometimes we just need a new start...on the basics.  The basics at our home seem to get lost in the business of daily life.  The kiddo's and sometimes parents alike need a good visual reminder of what we are accomplishing daily with regard to the simple habits that form a healthy bedrock of discipline for our lives to grow upon.

This habit tracker is such a fun and easy way to help in habit forming. It is a simple printable weekly tacking sheet that includes a few daily habits that help form kids health and happiness.  Each Sunday would be a good time to pull out a new form and have it close by to track your habits daily.  

Download the Hello Happy Habits printable HERE. 


Have a beautiful day & check back often as our site 
continues to grow & add more content!

Love, Candy