Monday, September 24, 2018



In a World Wide Devotional for Youth, President Nelson spoke to the youth of the church in a gathering at the General Conference Center in Salt Lake City in June of this year.  My husband and I took our two teenagers and went to listen to the words that the Prophet and his wife, Wendy Nelson, had to say.  It was a beautiful and powerful message of love and hope and excitement for the upcoming times in the history of the world.  President Nelson spoke about the magnificent opportunities the youth of today have to look forward to and be a part of during this dispensation.  Missionary work is at the heart of it.

  He offered a challenge for the youth to ponder and accept if they are willing. 

 That challenge offered is to be a member of and enlist in the Lord's Youth Batallion to Gather Israel.  He then proceeded to give a list of 5 essential things that would help prepare someone, not just the youth, to be at their best to assist in the Gathering of Israel.  I thought the challenge was wonderful!  Many of the youth, as well as older and younger members of our faith, chose to partake in the challenge right away.  I know some people who chose to try these ideas one at a time, or a few weeks or months later.  

The best part of the challenge he gave, was when he said- think about it.  Do it on your own timeline.  Do a few or all of them.  It is up to you!  

If you would like to read or download President and Sister Nelson's addresses Or if you would like to watch the video of them speaking you can click HERE.

Below, I have created a simple printable for anyone who would like to use it to start or redo the challenge steps which the Prophet offered.  The best way to do that is to click on the image below, then right-click and on the dropdown menu push save as or copy and save to your device to size and print.  I created it in a 5x7 format.  Enjoy! 

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