Tuesday, November 27, 2018


I cannot wait!  I have so many thoughts and ideas on this seemingly new approach to gospel learning in the home!  I say seemingly because really it's what we have all as Christian centered women done anyways in our homes.  Think about it.  We teach love, light and values from the scriptures and church lessons we have been taught. We do this in so many informal ways right now- because we are Christian women who rear our children with love in the home.  Now it's just officially "church supported"!  It actually has a name and new meaning, we have actual curriculum to help us in a more structured way.  Truth is it takes work.  Will our kids want to learn?  Will our teenagers really go for the idea of more church, so to speak, at home? You bet they will.  Ha.  I say that with the caveat of one thing.  One very important thing.  We as women and mothers and wives of homes we wish to be Christ Centered need to BELIEVE in our Savior.  The principles are the same.  They are eternal and do not change - but the application.  The application of those principles is as broad as anyone can imagine or create.  The best part of this is that we get to choose how we apply the teaching of these principles in our own homes in the best way we feel our family members will accept them.  Our church has released us to be even greater stewards over our homes and families.  Just as God wants us to be successful in our endeavours- Satan will try to discourage us.  Even more so!  Resistance will be there...but we have eachother.  No competition, no fear.  Because most importantly we have God with us, and we are seeking!


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