Sunday, January 20, 2019


How's your family Sunday discussion's going today?  I couldn't figure out why after church services today- everything went wrong.  We walked in the door to our home, I put our CFM Manuals on the table and we were dishing up lunch.  With in minutes we had a tornado of random frustrations from each one of us. It came out of now where and created such an unnecessary environment of contention.  If it wasn't so frustrating it'd almost be comical! It quickly became very clear to me that THIS was the Adversary.  He knew we were ready to sit down to talk about our Savior and learn of Him.  I went upstairs to collect my thoughts and say a silent prayer.  I wasn't sure how our family could get back on track for the day, but knew as a mother it was up to me and my spouse to lead the way.  I sat waiting- hoping for an immediate answer.  It came with a faint thought of go back and sit at the table and read your manual, the other will follow.  I dismissed it for a bit still jumbled with my thoughts.  Again I came back to settle on that thought a few times before I listened and realized it was in fact my answer.  I walked downstairs and did just that.  With in the next few minutes our family was able to come full circle and recover.  We sat at the table to begin our simple lesson.  IT HAPPENED AGAIN!  Completely different bantering out of nowhere!! This time- I quickly had my thoughts on board and began to address exactly what this was- it was Satan.  We talked about it, kept things under control and moved forward with our lesson.  Not with perfection, not without teenage complaint or other no cohesive attitudes.  But we continued.  We talked of Christ.  We learned of Christ.  We succeeded in our efforts...and that today was more than enough!! 🖤
"Sometimes you face difficulties not because you are doing something wrong, but because you are doing something right." Anyone else feel this way?  Have you felt the Adversary trying hard to disassemble your efforts?  In turn have you felt the spirit in your home and the promptings of him? Are you hearing the answers to your prayers?

As parents we will do well to truly pray that Satan be kept at the door of our homes.  When we say home, what we really mean is that we pray his influence will be kept from creeping into our family, no matter where we are.  This goes for Grandparents, Parents, Children and all extended family.  Satan will stop at nothing to destroy the sanctity of our families!
Let's do our best to remember when things go awry- especially when we think we have it all figured out and under control, that it's him.  The destroyer working overtime.  Practice this 5 step process to catch Satan in his tracks and dispell his efforts.

This would be a good FHE lesson.  Let's let the kids in on this one- they too can help recognize the Adversary at work.  Here is a printable for you to use in your home and for any lesson regarding the adversary.  Let's put these small printables on magnet board or in the kids rooms to remind us how we can counteract contention when it starts.

To print, just right click on the image below and save to your device, desktop or laptop to print from there.

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