Wednesday, January 9, 2019


One of my favorite Valentines Days a few years back was when I used the them of Showering my family with love!
I snagged a pack or two of dollar store balloons in pink, red, and white and blew them up before hand.  It took about 30 minutes and when I was done I stuffed them in a large garbage back to keep hidden.  I think I put it in the corner of my closet or a room somewhere with an added random blanket for extra concealing measure.
With holidays, I like to add some thing practical to give along with the fun and extra things I get.  So this theme was a great way to add some everyday shower items the family uses.

I decided to go to Bath and Body Works that year and get a few items for each of them.The kids were at great ages where I was able to incorporate reinforcing a good habit of personal hygiene into their lives with a bright holiday theme.  I picked up some yummy smelling scents they would enjoy.  I purchased 2 or 3 items for each of them and my husband as well.  The scents for the boys aren't very broad- but they do have a nice Ocean scent that he enjoys.

I also grabbed a few bath bombs from a local vendor for each of them.  Then I added a new deodorant for good measure, ha.  Really though, why not?  I am a big fan of adding necessary and mundane things to the mix on holidays to pump up the volume factor of the simple gift giving.  That seems to go hand in hand with Showering someone with your love.  Not just sprinkling.  Does that make sense?  Add a fin ribbon.  Go the extra mile with the balloons or tags.  THIS is a perfect time to show extra love to our loved ones!  It's not the cost- it's how we make them feel.

There are a few simple tags I made to go along with these Valentine gifts.  They add the perfect little touch and put the whole theme together.  Here are the tags I used.  If you right click the image you can download it to your device and print them for your own use!

Here are some photos of the way I displayed everything in our basement bathroom shower.  We happened to have shelving that worked to display these items.  If you don't- no sweat.  Put them under the balloons, or where it works best in your home.  Just have fun and do the best you can with where you live and what you have!


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