Saturday, February 16, 2019


LOOK what's here! The brand new Book of Mormon Comic.  

⛰ Our friend, John Garlock, illustrated this amazing 120 page comic as a way to bring the stories of the Book of Mormon to life for his children.  Little did he know how quickly his work would be requested by others!  Later this month we will be sharing more detail about his awesome journey on how and why this comic came to be.  For now though- Grab copies for your kiddos big and small.   Link to purchase at end of this post.  Scroll to bottom to purchase now- or continue reading for more information from John Garlock and his story!

The Bom-Com 
“Book of Mormon Comic” Project-

"Roughly 9 years ago I gathered my kids around for scripture reading time. One of the comments I heard was “the scriptures are boring”. I said, “did you mean they are hard to understand?” The kids replied, “No, they’re boring”.
I asked my children if they had ever heard of a group of 2,000 young men that battled an invading army and not one of the 2,000 died.  I asked if they heard about a man standing on the wall of a city prophesying of Christ while arrows, spears, and rocks were being hurled at him but couldn’t harm him. I asked if they had heard about two missionaries locked in prison until the Lord freed them by crumbling the prison to the ground killing everyone but not harming the missionaries.  I briefly summarized several other stories form the Book of Mormon.
My young kids replied, “Are those stories in the Book of Mormon?”

So….I began working on Bom-Com. I wanted to illustrate the many amazing stories of the Book of Mormon in a way that would be fun and easy to understand for young readers. I included every story, not just the popular ones. It was a fun project that was started over several times using different materials.

The original BOM-COM consisted of paper cutouts of the characters used as puppets. The second version of BOM-COM consisted of colored pencil drawings on blank pages. Once the ipad and apple pencil technology was released I began this final version of BOM-COM.

It was such a fun project to work on and complete. My children have benefitted greatly from it and I hope it can be an enjoyable companion to the Book of Mormon for young and old readers."

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Do you know what else?  John Garlock will also PERSONALIZE your book by adding a sentiment or to and from with his signature!  Isn't that super cool!  Yes...yes it is!!  Dont forget to tell your friends to purchase through Home Centered Living to get these fun perks!  


BOM-COM helps bring the Scriptures to life!

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