Sunday, March 24, 2019


All I know is, 
Mary Magdalene must have been revered. 

From time to time I've pondered upon her relationship with Jesus and really wish I could have been there with them.  I've pondered what it would have been like to live on the shores of Galilee, in one of the few small fishing villages along the sea.  Magdala is one of those villages which still exists today.  That is the picture I have here.  Scroll to the end of the post to see the original photo.  This is a picture I took looking down upon the city of Magdala from Mount Arbel.  The Sea of Galilee is on the right side of the valley below the cliff.  I wonder if Christ ever walked up to this location to look out over the fields- the sea- the villages.  I wonder what his thoughts were as he taught and ministered to the simple people of the land.  I wonder what his casual daily conversations were with them?  Especially with Mary.  I feel that she knew him in a way that was familiar and familial.  Whatever relationship that may be.

Mary Magdalene.
Mary of Magdala, Out of her went seven devils (Luke 8:2). SHE WAS NEAR THE CROSS  (Matt. 27:56; Mark 15:40; John 19:25); SHE WAS AT THE BURIAL l (Matt. 27:61; Mark 15:47); SHE WAS AT THE TOMB IN THE MORNING (Matt. 28:1; Mark 16:1; Luke 24:10; John 20:1, 11). JESUS APPEARED TO HER. (Mark 16:9; John 20:14–18)

...I also find myself pondering on the experience Mary had as she wept at the empty tomb in the beautiful garden.  Jesus, now surely Christ our Savior, appeared and asked "Woman, why weepest thou?" And after calling her by name, saying "Mary", she responded with a title of Rabboni.  Isn't that beautiful?  And loving?  And simply awe inspiring?  For such an intimate and emotional moment in the midst of her devastation and ultimately realization, Mary chooses to utter respectly the meaning of Lord and Master.  Her Lord and Master.  Our Lord and Master.

I find myself personally grateful for Mary and the service she gave to Christ during his mortal life and ministry.  I am grateful for am example of a woman who was near the cross.  Who was at the burial.  Who was at the tomb in the morning.  Who was the type of deciple who Christ showed himself to first.

♡ Candy

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