Sunday, March 3, 2019


A few of my thoughts this week have been turned to the question of why we sometimes choose not to let the light in.  Light meaning, brightness, hope, love, and peace.  Most of all- the light that provides assurance and sustenance to thwart off the darkness in regard to good versus evil.
Too often, we forget to stop and pay attention to the windows of our soul.  Do we have our curtains drawn?  Our shutters closed?  If we do- we miss the opportunity to flood our hearts with light from the day and warmth from the sun, so to speak.
When we choose to open up and let the light in- it is not choosing to be vulnerable.  It is choosing to be trusting and faithful.  That takes strength.  As we trust God to flood our open hearts, we find more strength to stand up for who we are and what we believe in.  We are better able to discern truth from error and we become more courageous against dark forces.
Here are a few references I found in the Gospel Library under Light of Christ:

1- "That which is of God is light, and groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day, D&C 50:24"

2- "One manifestation of the light of Christ is conscience, which helps a person choose between right and wrong (Moro. 7:16). As people learn more about the gospel, their consciences become more sensitive (Moro. 7:12–19). People who hearken to the light of Christ are led to the gospel of Jesus Christ (D&C 84:46–48)" -LDS Gospel Library/ Light of Christ
📷PC:  Ross Thayer

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