Wednesday, March 13, 2019


HELLO!  We're so glad you wandered over to our home today.  Let's take a look below at all the great things we have to show you.

OK all you Leprechaun Ladies and Gents! Really, thanks for stopping by.  Here's how to easily pull off a few extras that are easy, fun and creative for St. Patrick's Day!  I mean- just look at how cute and simple this little guy is below.  What's better in a kiddos mind than a rainbow of skittles and a few golden nuggets of chocolate and carmel?

Add this bright and colorful bag topper to it and you're all set!  Or print it, punch a hole and tie it to your treat as a darling tag.   Just right click on the image and press download to your device.  Easy as Pie! 

Then there's this little guy!  It's big juice from the gas station.  Not my favorite as an adult- but for kids, they drink it up!  And did you know... if you print out the label below and tape it on- the bug juice magically changes into Lephrachaun juice made with real four leaf clovers!!!  Can you believe that?!  😀

Again- just right click on the image below and press download to you device to print.


The rest of this post is going to be a little scattered, or more like a bowl of potpourri if you will.  We didn't want to let St. Patty's Day come and go this year without sharing some of our past years of fun with you all!

Let's be honest though, some years are busier than others.  Some months and days and hours are too.  That's just life!

One of our goals here at Home Centered Living is to not focus on perfection- but focus on Prospering.  On Patience.  On Peace.  And with that being said-  we are going to share these fun photos from past years hoping you enjoy them and get inspiration from any or all of them.

As we continue through the months, we will add more depth behind the fun ideas and how we celebrate holidays and traditions and our reasons WHY we do the fluff and the fun stuff- for now we will continue to share as much as we can as we grab from the past while we have our sites focusing forward.

Two tips we do want to share today are these...

1.  CLEAR CELLOPHANE BAGS!  Use them!!  Go buy a small version and a larger version.  We have come to LOVE our Cello bags!! They are universal and can fit anything from a pair of socks to a dish towel to a stack of oreos neatly packaged ready to adore with ribbon and tag for any occasion.  They can be stapled.  They can be tied.  They can be hung on a door know with a rubber band.  One of our favorite ways to package.

2.  DOLLAR STORE TINS and BUCKETS!  Use them!!  Go buy a small version of a pail and a larger version.  We have come to LOVE our Tins!!  The best colors besides black, white and metal are GREEN and TURQUOISE.  Here's why- both can be utilized for multiple holidays.  GREEN can be used for St Patty's, Easter, Summer,  Birthdays, Halloween, and Christmas.  TURQUOISE can be used for Valentines Day (oh yes it can!),  Easter, 4th of July, Summer, Birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving (oh yes it can!) and Christmas.

-When giving younger family members items for holidays in tins, they usually don't care about keeping the tins.  We collected them back from their room in a day or two and put them in our closets for the next time we use them.  If the tins are used for friends gifts for friends, neighbors or grandkids- being only a $1 or 2 they are easily replaced for the next gift giving event without breaking the bank!

Alrighty- here you go... below is our Mishmosh Medly of Sweet Green Treats and a few fun ways to present them.  OH, and we almost forgot.  There is a 3rd quick tip- DOLLAR STORE ROUND SILVER BAKING TRAYS.  You'll be surprised how often you can grab one of those puppy's out to use.

AND for good measure we'll put this little Irish Leprechaun with his pointy little ears (and jagged little hairs) here below to round out the cuteness.


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