Saturday, March 30, 2019


Tired teenagers filled our home a few nights ago.  Contention was moving in and my witts were going down hill fast.  I left our family room, walked up stairs and plopped on my bed feeling like throwing my hands in the air. "Do we really need to be at war tonight in this home?  Can't we have some peace for the night?", I uttered in my mind.  I finally plead to Heavenly Father in a short prayer to help provide a way the spirit could be in our home for the evening.
After a few minutes I proceeded back downstairs to the kitchen.  Things had calmed a little, but attitudes were still sketchy.  Trying not to poke the bears- I sat down and reached for a Book Of Mormon laying on the table.  I split the pages open to read something.  Anything in the scriptures would be fine at the moment. 
My eyes landed half way down the page on Alma 58: 26.  Where I read:  26 Now it came to pass that when it was night, I caused that my men should not sleep, but that they should MARCH FORWARD by another way towards the land of Manti. 27 And because of this our march in the night-time, behold, on the morrow we were beyond the Lamanites...
I knew at that moment seeing those words March Forward on the page where there was no rhyme or reason to land upon that scripture, that God was answering my prayers.  He was saying I see you.  I have you.  You're ok.  You are right where you need to be.  Your efforts matter.  Keep MARCHING FORWARD...
It took another few minutes for the kids to come around and for the atmosphere to switch up for the night.  But it did.
The following day I read Alma 58 to see what the story was in actual context.  Long story short- Helaman was directing some of his men to not rest through the night, but rather get up and March Forward toward their destination earlier than they would be expected- which turns out to be the thing that allowed the take over the city Manti from an army of Lamanites who had a multitude of soldiers compared to a small number of Helaman's brethren. 

God reminded me that having faith to continue on our journey- even in the night (during trials) when it's more difficult than in daylight (calmness) that's when we might conquer the most.

ALMA 58:26 

26 Now it came to pass that when it was night, I caused that my men should not sleep, but that they should march forward by another way towards the land of Manti.

To read the whole chapter- click HERE

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