I had the sweetest opportunity to travel with my family to many of the Church History sights last year

My heart has been so full, as an increase of humility and admiration have come more abundantly than ever into the core of my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

This photo was taken in the Sacred Grove at Sunset last fall.  My Husband, daughter and I were the only ones remaining in the Grove.  We each found space of our own, and it truly was a beautiful and peaceful experience to sit and ponder in the stillness.  Seeing the sunlight shine in the distance through the trees was a pure representation of how I imagine that light to have been glowing the afternoon young Joseph knelt in prayer

I have felt a nudging for a while to share some of the photos I took while on our journey.  They are nothing out of the ordinary talent wise, but they absolutely are out of the ordinary in meaning and what they represent.  So here I am, trying to fulfill my impression to share these the best I can.  I have also felt the impression to share a bit about the Women of the Restoration, so that will definitely be part of it.  I hope you all will enjoy these posts

So over the course of the next 2 weeks before General Conference, I will be sharing a series of photos relating to the Restoration and Church History.  I hope you enjoy these posts.  I know there are many being shared, here is a simple perspective from my view. 

Some descriptions will be with my thoughts and words, while others will be copied articles and information I have gathered, where I will make sure to list the source at the bottom.