The other day I came across a beautiful article by Julie Clinton titled,  4 ways to lighten your load.  It sang to me, as I it has taken many years for me to recognize the true value of allowing myself to also for help in certain situations.  Times when the outcome can be greatly improved for not only myself, but others involved that would be directly impacted as well.  It is not only absolutely ok to recognize size help can be a benefit to accomplishing a task or goal, but that it can also be a blessing from God for our emotional, spiritual and mental well being also. 

Below are a few excerpts from Julie Clinton's article. 

................ Jethro advised Moses to delegate his responsibilities. There will be times you are called to do the same with the tasks placed before you. God puts mentors, helpers, and burden-bearers in our lives to support us in the work He calls us to do. Before you burn out, look around for those helpers God may have sent your way.  Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. God designed us to be in community with one another, to help when we can, and to accept help when we need it.  So, what can you do to lighten your load?  Know your limits. Never let your schedule get so out of control that you can no longer manage it. Do a personal inventory. Are you getting enough sleep? Spending enough time with your children? Your significant other? Learn to recognize the physical, emotional, and mental warning signals your body emits at the brink of exhaustion.  Know God’s Will. God’s will is for you to “pursue what is good both for yourselves and for all” (1 Thessalonians 5:15). It’s not to scramble around frantically to make sure every task is completed by the end of the day, wearing out both you and those around you. If you’re constantly living with an agitated heart, you are not in the center of God’s will.  Know when to quit. Jesus never spent his time and energy the way we do today. The Bible gives no indication that He worked around the clock. In fact, in many cases Jesus snuck off alone to pray and rest. Being in God’s will, Jesus was able to go to sleep without having healed and saved everybody in Israel.  Know what’s important. Knowing your priorities will help you accomplish more even when you feel as if you’re doing less. Effectiveness is not about quantity and getting a lot done; it’s about the quality of what you are doing and understanding that the Holy Spirit is ultimately responsible for multiplying your efforts.  Right now somewhere in your life, some people are just waiting to be asked to help you.  Only you know what’s weighing you down. But Jesus stands ready to help you figure out how to lighten the load and has placed people in your life to assist you. All you have to do is ask.