I have learned that faith precedes the miracle.  Not that the miracles of God are not worked by His hands regularly, but that if we do not believe in Him- we will discount the miracles.  We will discount them as mere coincidences of things that cannot be explained through the laws of this physical world.  We then will not to see the miracles...they will not be shown to us in our hearts through the soft touching of the spirit.

I have also learned that it is true when said, if only ye have faith as much as a mustard seed- that is enough.  It only takes a little to see the marvelous.  That is what is miraculous about the atonement!  God's mercy is just.  If we are reaching- he fills the gap 10 fold.  Faith is lifting our arms out reaching...

•••••○○•••••○○••••• Ether: 18-19  18 And neither at any time hath any wrought miracles until after their faith; wherefore they first believed in the Son of God. 19 And there were many whose faith was so exceedingly strong, even before Christ came, who could not be kept from within the veil, but truly saw with their eyes the things which they had beheld with an eye of faith, and they were glad