Welcome!  How's your day?   We've been enjoying Spring and lots of April Showers in our area of the Bunny's Garden this year.

The following full post is a mix of an original post from years back and the new portion afterward which gives details on how to carry out making these sweet tweets! 🖤


(Excerpt below is from family blog a few years back)  

I spent an hour with some of my favorite PEEPS this morning to make some Easter Treats for our kiddos.  We have a group of 8 of us that get together and bring different ingredients and ideas- we switch off.  It’s be such a fun thing to do for our kids the past few years on various holidays.  These treats today were SO simple to make.  We have apx. 20 kids combined between us.  I usually don’t have my camera with me to capture our mass of our end result.  We have LOVED pinterest for getting even more fun ideas.  But who doesn’t?!  It is so worth it, seeing this cute little face each time she is surprised with something after school.  Tyson too!  Today, I happened to come home a few minutes after they did, and having camera in tow, was able to capture a fun expression on Lyssie Lou.  I know these days will go by so fast.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to let them know that in their NEST of the woods, they have some BUNNY that CARS for them!  EGGspecially their mama!

So- with that background- now you know where we started.  Here are a few fun ideas that your kids will just die over!  These are some super fun treats to put together for Easter for the kiddos- or anyone really.   This post is a little late in the month, but great for this weekends festivities or Easter gatherings.  We used these treats for Family Home Evening or after school once a weeks snacks.  They would also be fun for a Saturday activity or for Easter dinner dessert for the kiddos.


Items Needed:

1 box Cocoa Rice Crispies Cereal

1 Package Mashmallows

1 Cube Cube Butter

1 Package of Peeps any color

1 Bag of Jelly Beans


1.  Make Rice Crispie Treats according to box instructions or use your favorite simple recipe.  Some add vanilla and or Marshmallow Creme along with the other ingredients listed above.

2.  Form Rice Crispie Treats into a small next about the size of your palms cradled.  Lay out of Cookie Sheet lined with wax paper sprayed with non stick cooking spray.

3.  Once nests are formed, add about 5 or 6 Jelly Beans into the nest.  Then place a cute little Peep right on top of those colorful little eggs!  SO EASY!  AM I right or am I right?!  These are a darling treat to take to neighbors, friends or family members.  Kids and adults alike love them!!

4.  Right click on image below and download cute printable that says Sweet Tweets


Items Needed:

1 package Oreo Cookies Crushed

1 box chocolate pudding

1 package Orange Circus Peanuts

1 package green gummy straws like airhead extremes or sour punch strips

1 package small cups


1.  Make Pudding according to box recipe

Pour into small cups.  Depending on the amount your making you will need to plan how many boxes of pudding to make accordingly.

2.  Crush Oreo cookies finely then add a generous amount on top of the pudding to look like dirt.

3.  Poke a small hole in the top of the circus Peanuts and insert 3 one inch strips for the top of the "carrot".  Then place the peanut carrot into the oreo pudding cup pressing it in enough to look planted.

4.  Keep chilled until ready to serve.


Items Needed:

1 Box or bag of white powdered donut holes Small Ziplock sandwich bag

Printable Bunny Tail Bag Topper Labels


1.  Place a few donut holes into the bagggies.

2.  Print Labels.  Cut and tape or staple to top of the bag.  Right click on image below to download and print.

...And last but not least coming into the finish line we will finish what we started in first place...


Items Needed:

1 box Twinkie Style Cakes (I'm guessing Zingers might do the trick too)

1 box of Marshmallow Bunny Peeps

1 bag chocolate covered pretzels

1 bag miniature marshmallows or even cheerios or fruit loops if you prefer.  Just something that looks wheelie round.  Ha.

1 small tube of frosting

1 bag m&ms for hub caps if desired.


1.  Cut about a 1/4 in deep slit about 2/3rds from the front of your twinkie car.  Then do the same a little forward.  Just enough to give space to cut the chunk out in between where the Bunny will sit.  It's better to have it snug in there so he won't fall out while driving.

2.  Place the bunny in his seat.

3.  Cut another small slit for the pretzel steering wheel and push it in firmly.

4.  Secure your wheels with a bit of frosting and you're good to go!

Thanks for all the love!  Enjoy your Holiday-

🖤 Candy