Whether you have 2 or 10 kiddos running around at home- here is a tried and true method to quickly picking up a room or home with in a short amount of time!

For years our family called this the 10 minute pick up.  It really is just that.  Sometimes even faster-and that's to get the entire list done even with 4 people.  When the kids got a little older I changed it to the Family Quick Pick because often it was quicker than 10 minutes and let's face it- teenagers dont like to hear about amounts of time they have to "work"  So if it's just a "quick" pick then it sounds much better.  (Sometimes it's all about the packaging my friends, ha.)

The husband at first wasn't sure of why I felt adamant about the order.  He thought "well I can just go around and pick things up much faster"  That is true!  BUT this isn't designed for the times when mom or dad wants to do it on their own and get things done.  This is designed for the magic chaos hour right before dinner time and Dad walks in the door.  Or Moms home from work and exhausted and the family needs to pitch in.  It's designed with teaching the family that all hands on deck for a few minutes- makes light work!  Put on music-or make it a race.  Or even after dinner let each member pick one or two steps and have at it.  Keep a set of dice handy.  The kids can roll the dice for the number or step they will do in the pick up!  Then enjoy the rest of the night.

When I decided on this specific way of picking up- or rather SPECIFIC order of picking up there was a good reason for it.  It's not because as a Mother or Parent I can't pick up quicker on my own or doing it in a different manner- but THIS specific order is designed to hit the biggest or most annoying clutter first.  So technically even if it's just 2 minutes of kids helping- well at least all the dishes go to the kitchen sink and all the garbage gets thrown away.  THAT right there my friends is a big deal on a daily basis.  If you're steeped in young ones or even teens-we know how these simple items can get out of hand on busy homework days or lazy summer days and holiday weekends. 

MOTHER'S- This is something our family also incorporated 2 times a week on the regular.  For us it is Sunday nights and Wednesday nights.  At the end of the weekend before the start of a new week-and a quick thought mid week to keep on top of it.  I'm telling you it works.  The times we have gotten away from it for a few weeks it the clutter built up slowly but surely. 

This is designed for not just the main floor-but now I can even utilize it with my kids and their bedroom spaces.  When those teens and teens are learning to pick up their "own space" that they love to keep messy but get overwhelmed with once you allow them to take responsibility cuz you just don't want to fight the fight with them anymore or clean it for them- you know if you know-... the Quick Pick is just right.  When it's done in the correct order... even 3 minutes and the kids bedroom has trash picked up.

GRANDMA'S-  I'm also talking to you! When you have extra grandkids over- before they leave- give em each a number of the quick pick and off they go for 2 minutes and before you know it, a little happiness and clutter busting is finished!

RIGHT CLICK on the image below to save and download for your family.  Print off a few copies and post them around the house.  You will be surprised after a while- the kids will end up memorizing it!  #truestory