Hello! We are getting this simple note card out a little late for this session of General Conference.  But-a las it's here.  There are all sorts of ways to take notes or write thoughts down during each session of Conference.

THIS card however- is designed to enhance the simplicity of jotting down the meat of the talks, so the study can come later.  It is designed to give all of the critical information and idea's that are needed to reference the talk, subject, speaker etc. at a later time when we want to use it to study and add more in depth writing down.

If there are additional things to write or doodle- turn the card over and use that blank space.  Fill it up.  NOW... go FILL YOUR CUP by tuning in to General Conference. 

Below is an idea of how to use this note card digitally.  We filled it out and will print it after to have a hard copy to study from as well.  We love this simple note taking idea.  Happy Conference Everyone!