One year our family traveled to California for Spring Break.  It was the same week as Easter.  I didn't want to hall the Easter Bunny's loot all the way down then, nor tey to hide it in a suitcase.  I decided to head out of town with nothing for Easter for my kids other that one thing- I purchased cute vinyl plastic holiday bags for them to put stuff in during our long drive.  I knew I could use these for their Easter "Baskets" and they wouldn't take up the room of a round wicker basket with a large handle.

We traveled with my Brother and Sister in Law.  She decided to purchase baseball caps for each of her children ahead of time and planned on turning them into their "Baskets" by displaying them upside down and filling them with goodies and a few trinkets.  Isn't that great?! And it sure was a hit!  

They left to go home a few days before us.  Our family was heading to another beach for a few days.  So this is what I did.

We took a trip to Target and I stocked up there!  They had darling foam boogie boards for the ocean for around $7.  So I grabbed those.  I found a darling paper "popcorn" tubs in the party section with fun stripes on them.  I grabbed a pack of plastic eggs for each kid, wood skewers and striped paper straws.  I knew just what I could do with those! 

I got each of them a bottled drink, beef jerky (cuz my kiddos LOVE their jerky) and a few other Easter chocolates and snacks.  Lip gloss and some fun wash haircolor chalk for the girlie and a frisbee and sports cards for the boy.  But the best part that made it fun to set up and really shine for the kiddos was the way it was put together and what was in the eggs... Money!  Money was in the plastic eggs!  Voila.  An extra wow for them and easy way to pack a bigger punch in the "portable" department.  

I put the purchased items in the striped paper buckets, filling it nicely.  Then I took the wooden skewers (picnic department friends!)  And threaded the paper straws for well, just plain cuteness.  I guess that and the straws did add support to the eggs as they sat on the tip of the skewers that were inverted into the small hole in the bottom of the plastic eggs.  (Most eggs will have a small hole- make sure to double check for that when purchasing)

Remember those Holiday bags I brought from home- yes?  Those were set out next to their baskets and that way the kids could put everything in those and have them in the car or hotel the rest of the trip.  DEFINITELY a plus!  When done- folded at home into a closet to use for some other year another time.  

Back to the money eggs.  My husband and I filled each egg with a dollar.  You could do as much or as little as you want.  The kids loved having a bit of money to spend for a tshirt or souvenir they wanted to take home from our vacation.  It worked out just right!  

Whoops!  One more thing... I fibbed.  There were actually a things I brought for Easter from home. The bags the kids traditional Easter Bunny's.  When the kids were young we bought them a stuffed animal Easter Bunny.  It has gone in their Easter Baskets every year as a tradition.

So there you have it.  A fun and easy idea on how to purchase a Portable Easter Basket while traveling!  Now what are you waiting for?  -Hop to it and get the show on the road!  And Hoppy trails to you!  🖤